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Engine Diagnostics & Repair

Thanks to advances in technology and engineering, vehicles on the road today are more dependable and trouble-free than ever before. However, to keep your vehicle running strong and issue free, routine maintenance is a must. By performing recommended engine services to your vehicle in accordance to your manufacturer’s schedules and guidelines, you will not only prolong the life of your vehicle, but ultimately safe yourself time and money on unnecessary repairs.

Engine Diagnostic & Repair Experts

A Plus Transmission & Auto Repair is your one stop shop for performing all engine services & repairs including preventive maintenance, check engine lights, leaking seals/gaskets, oil pumps, complete engine replacement, and more. Our certified technicians will do a full diagnostic evaluation on your vehicle and determine what repairs will be necessary for keeping your vehicle running optimally.

Our Automotive Engine Services

Our engine services include full diagnosis & repair for all makes and models of vehicles, both foreign and domestic
We offer a broad range of engine tune up services, from major to minor including, diagnostics on check engine lights and check engine codes, ignition system diagnosis & repair, oil leak diagnosis & repair, fuel system repairs and more. We also provide computer control services and computer reflashing/reprogramming.

We perform complete engine repair as well as engine replacement (new, rebuilt, re-manufactured, or used). These repairs often include, but are not limited to the following parts:

♦ Spark plugs
♦ Ignition wires
♦ Air filters
♦ Fuel filters
♦ Distributor cap
♦ Rotors
♦ Camshafts
♦ Oil pumps

♦ Oil pan & oil pan gasket
♦ Rear main oil seals
♦ Timing chain/timing belts
♦ Valve cover gaskets
♦ Head gaskets
♦ EGR systems
♦ PCV / breather system

Tune Ups

It is important to make sure your vehicle is receiving at least thefactory recommended maintenance scheduled services. Tuning up your vehicle will not only cause your vehicle to run better, but can also prevent costly repairs. Performing regular maintenance of spark plugs, plug wires, air filters, fuel filters, and cabin air filters are necessary to maintaining a healthy running vehicle and ensuring the longevity and life of your car.
A Plus Transmission & Auto Repair has been providing tune up services on all makes and models of vehicle, both foreign and domestic, right here in Livingston County since 1988. Our technicians will scan the codes on your vehicle to determine if there are any current issues such as misfiring cylinders, while inspecting all other components to inform you exactly what your vehicle needs to run optimally.

Manufacturers Recommended Services:

Tune Up: Every 30,000-60,000 miles

Fuel Systems

The function of the fuel system is to store and supply fuel to the cylinder chamber where it can be mixed with air, vaporized, and burned to produce energy. Unless properly maintained your fuel system is susceptible to damage and poor performance. Using top tier fuel from brand name fuel suppliers and replacing your fuel filter regularly are very important to the performance of your fuel system. Over time, regardless of the type of fuel used, your fuel system will become contaminated with dirt, debris, and building carbon deposits. Performing a fuel induction service will clean your entire fuel system and get rid of all contaminates that are restricting fuel flow and causing your engine to run poorly. Our Fuel Services Include:

♦ Fuel induction service
♦ Fuel testing
♦ Fuel filters
♦ Fuel gauges
♦ Fuel hoses
♦ Fuel lines
♦ Fuel tanks
♦ Fuel pumps
♦ Fuel pump relays

♦ Fuel evaporation systems
♦ Fuel pressure regulators
♦ Sending units
♦ Emission controls
♦ Carburetors
♦ Intake manifolds
♦ Throttle bodies
♦ & More

Symptom Center

The following is a list of common symptoms of engine, fuel, or tune up issues:

♦ Check Engine Light is on
♦ Engine cranks but won’t start
♦ Engine runs poorly, hesitates, stalls, or gets poor gas mileage
♦ Engine overheating
♦ Leaking engine oil
♦ Leaking antifreeze
♦ Poor gas mileage
♦ Engine running poorly
♦ Loss of Power
♦ Engine knocks when accelerating
♦ Engine stalling

♦ Hard starting
♦ Loss of power
♦ Gas mileage drops
♦ Engine “knocks” when it accelerates
♦ Stalling
♦ Hesitates to start even when the battery easily turns the engine over
♦ Engine cranks but won’t start
♦ Engine continues to sputter after you turn the ignition off
♦ A noxious (harmful) exhaust odor
♦ Engine runs rough at any or all speeds
♦ Backfires, spits or pops

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