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A differential converts the rotating motion of the engine driveshaft into usable rearward or forward motion. All modern vehicles use a differential, either front, rear, or both in the case of a four wheel or all wheel drive vehicle.

A regular maintenance routine on your differential includes inspecting the gear lubricant level and condition, checking for leaks, and changing the fluid. Your differential assembly doesn’t contain more than a few quarts of lubricant. Even a small leak that goes unnoticed can cause the fluid level to be low enough to starve axle bearings and cause other problems. With time and usage your differential fluid will break down and not properly lubricate the mechanical parts, resulting in extra wear on the differential components. Regular inspections and fluid changes can prevent and catch a problem early and save you on expensive repair costs.

Since 1988, our certified technicians have a lot of experience with Brighton, MI differential repairs, they can perform a complete diagnostic evaluation on your differentials. Whether you need a fluid change or repairs, you can trust our experts to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Brighton, MI Differential & Driveline Services

    A plus has the extensive knowledge to diagnosis & repair a wide range of differnetal & driveline issues for both domestic and foreign vehicles, including:

    • Noise & Vibration Repair
    • Front & Rear Differential Service
    • Replacement of bearings, rings & pinions, motor Mounts, and transmission mounts
    • Repair & Replacement of U-Joints, CV axles, drive shafts, axles & axle seals, and rear ends
    • Rebuild Or Replacement of front & rear differentials

    A Plus is your source for reliable Brighton, MI differential repair and service. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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  • Fluid leaking by the front or rear tires
  • Fluid leaking under front or rear differential
  • Noise on deceleration or acceleration
  • Clucking noise when turning
  • Noise or vibrations at any speeds